Hannalicious x iDeal of Sweden

Hanna Fribergs erste Kollektion für iDeal of Sweden war ein riesiger Erfolg und absoluter Bestseller. Die schwedische Influencerin, auch bekannt als @Hannalicious, veröffentlicht jetzt ihre zweite Kollektion mit fünf brandneuen Designs! Ihre neue Kollektion beschreibt Hanna als deutlich mutiger und gewagter als die ersten Designs, und bezieht ihre Inspiration vor allem aus ihrer Liebe zur Natur. So sind insbesondere weiche Farbtöne, Edelsteine und Pampasgras Schlüsselelemente ihrer Kollektion. Jede Hülle hat eine ganz einzigartige, luxuriöse Note, die das Gesamtbild der Kollektion prägt.

Golden Swirl

Luxuriöse Goldelemente und ein weißer Marmorhintergrund

veredeln dieses exklusive Design

Rose Quartz Crystal

Rosenquarz, auch bekannt als Stein der Liebe,

soll unsere Herzen für die Liebe öffnen

Mojito Marble

Mojito Marble verbindet klassische Elemente mit innovativem Denken

- perfekt zu jeder Jahreszeit!

Diamond Daze

Als härtestes Naturmaterial symbolisiert

der Diamant Unbesiegbarkeit

Flamboyant Feathers

Inspiriert von der Natur, ist diese filigrane Handyhülle mit

einem Federmuster in sanftem Weiß

Hannalicious x iDeal of Sweden

Hanna Friberg’s first collection for iDeal Of Sweden was a huge success and a true bestseller. Now it’s time for the Swedish influencer, better known as @hannalicious, to release her second collection featuring five brand new cases!

We took this opportunity to ask Hanna about the collection, as well as her job as an influencer. Here, she opens up about her growth as a person over the years and what she has learned about herself.

Hanna’s second collection for iDeal Of Sweden is noticeably bolder and more daring than the first. “My first collection was more coherent while the cases in the new collection are [much] different. More me,” she explains.

The inspiration for Hanna’s new collection was born from her love of nature. She incorporated elements like subtle colors, gemstones, and pampas grass. Each case has an undeniably luxurious touch, pulling the collection together.

Hanna describes the entire design process as extremely fun. She shares that the most enjoyable part of the experience was watching her design ideas come to life. She recalls the excitement of creating first drafts and discussing ideas to seeing the finished products.

Hanna’s favorite case in the collection is Diamond Daze. “It feels mysterious and tough, like walking around with a sparkling stone,” she explains. Hanna suggests styling the case with a contrasting outfit in lighter colors, such as a beige jumpsuit, jeans or a silk dress to make the case pop.

“It feels mysterious and tough, like walking around with a sparkling stone”

Hanna, who was born and raised in the small town Söderköping, tells us that, as a child, she dreamed of becoming a famous singer. “I would always sing at my family reunions,” she recalls. “I also recorded radio shows and interviewed my friends.”

The influencer describes her younger self as a careful and orderly girl. She did well in school and studied a lot, and she was confident, even at an early age.

Hanna has become stronger and more daring by exposing herself to difficult situations and developing as a person. One example is her approach to workouts. “It feels hard before, and I wonder how it will be and who will be there,” she admits. “But afterward, it always feels good!”

Today, Hanna describes herself as a kind girl who always wants the best for people and is very aware of how others feel. She can be uncomfortable and unsure if someone is sad or feeling down. She also tells us that she’s very easygoing and adaptable, which makes her a fun person to be around.

The personality trait Hanna is most proud of is her positivity. She explains: “Others tend to ask me if I [ever] complain about anything. I try to think that something good always comes out of everything, and that things happen for a reason. You learn from it.”

Hanna has more than 100,000 followers on her social media channels. She believes she inspires others because they recognize themselves in her. According to Hanna, she is just an ordinary girl from Söderköping. As an example, the influencer has opened up about the heartbreaks she has faced, which she believes many of her followers can relate to. From her many travels to moving away from home and purchasing her own apartment, Hanna believes others have enjoyed reading about the stages of her life. In addition, many people are inspired by her innate sense of style.

Hanna wishes to inspire others to dare to follow their dreams, and she encourages everyone to try things, even those things that may seem impossible. Hanna’s encouragement has had a great impact on her followers. Several of her readers have told her that they dared to go on that special trip or find a travel companion thanks to her blog.

In Hanna’s work, no two days are alike, but she tells us she usually starts the morning with a workout. “I love to start my mornings like this, because I get so much energy for the rest of the day,” she explains.

After working up a sweat, Hanna eats breakfast and responds to emails, and then she typically goes to a lunch event or lunch meeting. The afternoons are often devoted to blogging and publishing on social media, and the evenings usually consist of more administrative tasks. Sometimes the days are booked with other creative jobs, such as photo shoots or design meetings.

Hanna believes the best thing about her job as an influencer is the endless possibilities and that it opens many doors. Since she’s her own boss, Hanna makes her own schedule, which she absolutely loves.

The drawback of being her own boss is the fact that there is really no quitting time, and you are never completely free from work. Because of this, Hanna admittedly finds it difficult to balance work, friends, family, and pleasure. “I’m pretty bad at balancing all parts; it’s really hard,” she admits. “[I] want so much and want to be the best [on] all levels.”

Hanna says that pre-planning is crucial. She always needs to be well prepared and she’s careful about using her energy for the right things. By doing this, Hanna has gained more insight in the last six months. During this time, she has been living in Los Angeles, where she moved last fall to focus on herself and her overall well-being. The break has allowed Hanna to focus on eating healthy foods, working out, relaxing and surrounding herself with good people. These changes have made Hanna appreciate life even more.

Before the move, Hanna explains that her job no longer felt fun because it had gotten to be too much. She shares: “The lesson I [took] from this is that it’s not about how much you do, but that what you do feels good, and that you do it because you want it wholeheartedly!”

What will Hanna be doing in 10 years?

“[I’ll be] 35 years old, married and have kids!” she predicts. “For half the year, I’ll live in LA, and [the other] half, [I’ll live] in Sweden and work with my own companies. I don’t usually think that much about the future… I only know that it will be good and that I will get everything I dream of, but I don’t know when and how.”

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